She chases Gi Tae to make clear his terms: just what did the guy suggest because of it a goner?.

She chases Gi Tae to make clear his terms: just what did the guy suggest because of it a goner?.

He attempting to escape, so he sets it surely harshly.

If the guy does not choose your telephone calls, he doesn’t want to speak with your; If he doesn’t satisfy you, he does not want in order to meet your.

With that, he gets into their vehicle and begins scuba diving down, but Jang Mi sets by herself at the automobile. Woah. She hops to the front passenger seat, and starts the lady barrage of issues.

GT: suffering matter to 3 and you’d best get off the automobile. One.

JM: will it make sense he trying to breakup beside me because of the hotel experience?

GT: No, obviously it doesn’t add up. Two.

JM:Then, will there be an other woman?

GT: Kindly, dont you are sure that that other girls need higher requirements than you? Three!

JM: Would It Be that he sick?

GT: (laughs resignedly) He working aside because you brought up relationship!

Ha. It’s supposed to be a melancholic second, but I favor your drama perhaps not taking by itself as well really. There humour infused inside world, which is able to highlight the melancholy, but maybe not destroy when.

The guy becomes off the vehicles and tries to extract Jang Mi down. Mommy and Aunt only achieved, plus they spy him off their vehicles.

Jang Mi however in denial as she claims that it’s just Gi Tae perspective. She asks to see Hoon Dong. Gi Tae only sighs and ares to let the woman lower harshly once again. The guy informs her that just like she outdated Hoon Dong for his revenue, the guy dated her for her appearance and her muscles. Ow.

Yeo Reum decides to submit now to provide Gi Tae beverage, which gets shipped to him, regrettably to his face, as Jang Mi splashes it on his face. Most people are in shock.

He annoyed, of course, but his term modifications as Jang Mi corrects your. She didnt day Hoon Dong of their money: she dated your out-of fancy. He seems to discover the lady in different ways as she departs tearfully. Aunt voices that she could be the blind date within bistro.

As she walks the girl bike back, she approached by Gi Tae mommy (Kim Hae Sook). Mommy attracts Jang Mi to her household, apologising for her boy behaviour. However, Jang Mi misunderstands the lady to get Hoon Dong mom

Hoon Dong upgrading their SNS account again jordanian dating site. (This time it is a fresh Beginning). Gi Tae hits your from the mind with a file, telling your to pay off right up their own mess next time. But Gi Tae shaken by their honest confession just now, and he requires what kind of lady she actually is to Hoon Dong.

Tough luck having a decent response, for Hoon Dong replies that she just a lady to him. Yes, she may appear distinct from the others at the start, nevertheless now she merely a woman to him.

Gi Tae attempts to mutter that she sounded honest, but Hoon Dong cuts your off by proclaiming that she scary because she sincere. Exactly What? Today i recently wish our very own leads with each other. Theyll be beautiful.

At the same time, a lady dressed up merely in a red dress and a set of shades walks in. She converts heads on the way, like Hoon Dong, just who professes that she like God Masterpiece. Gi Tae cynically replies that she their work of art. Ha.

Hoon Dong requests for an intro, but Gi Tae impulse triggers your become slack-jawed. A cousin? Ex-girlfriend? Itll become odd if the guy operating on his ex though.

Anyway, men state heya to Kang Se Ah (Han sunshine Hwa). She furthermore a plastic surgeon, but she talking to Gi Tae for a breast enhancement process. She claims he already been pressing the lady away to best guys for 3 years. He asks if the him, and she replies that their him, and other guys too.

And so Jang Mi drowns herself in a cocktail, and before she downs the lady cocktail, anyone carefully requires the windows from the woman possession. The Hoon Dong? Informing the lady that layer become intoxicated in this way. She claims that the just fun for till youre intoxicated (and therefore i need to consent). She tipsy by now, and stumbles as she becomes right up from the woman chair. He grabs the lady in his weapon, and they’ve got a charged minute which winds up using them kissing.

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