Luxury watches are not just about telling the time anymore.

Luxury watches are not just about telling the time anymore.

A case in point, acclaimed timepiece and expensive jewelry quarters Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Casino, which includes a fully-operational small roulette controls underneath the view’s sapphire crystal dome instance. The Astronomia Casino’s controls, made in a magnificent selection of environmentally friendly, reddish, and black enamel with mahogany inlays, is placed in motion by a button within eight o’clock position (that also winds the energy hold for the animation).

This exemplary watch, the newest in Jacob & Co.’s signature Astronomia assortment of celestial-themed timepieces, could be customized with a mother of pearl insert placed by Jacob & Co. craftsmen regarding owner’s happy quantity.


Whereas the tourbillon is initially designed become a single-axis, spinning cage to transport the regulating body organ of a technical wallet watch for increased timekeeping performance, the Astronomia Tourbillon gives this 224-year-old development to breathtaking quantities of contemporary sophistication and difficulty.

The double-axis tourbillon on the Astronomia Casino has reached the forefront of contemporary watchmaking. The flying tourbillon’s delicately adorned cage encapsulates the balance wheel, hairspring, get away wheel and a great many other crucially important elements. Characterized by this open-worked cage, this outstanding tourbillon rotates on two axes concurrently. Really a constellation of superbly finished elements that, when assembled and fine-tuned expertly, permits the JCAM10 keeping precise times throughout the 60-hour electricity hold.

A full rotation regarding first axis requires exactly one minute, as a nod towards the old-fashioned single-axis tourbillon. The second axis of rotation is made possible because of the 10-minute, four-arm rotating program for the Astronomia Tourbillon. This will make for a striking fresh look at how tourbillons can function, whenever engineered with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technology and classic horological heritage in your mind.


Never before features there already been a huge problem watch with a roulette wheel that spins, enabling proprietors playing their favorite video game of opportunity whenever you want. Even though the Astronomia Casino is not difficult to use and enjoy, the technical approaches to actually make they jobs seamlessly grabbed above a-year of development time.

Separated from the action by a sapphire amazingly, the porcelain ball can jump with abandon without any risk of impacting the working regarding the watch.

Astronomia Casino Video


The Jacob-Cut diamond starts as a much bigger rough diamond. 1st, a crude diamond big enough has to be receive, and love, quality, and color has to be for the highest quality both inside and out, and there is generally no inclusions. When they start to cut the diamond and find an inclusion, the entire part will be ruined.

After that, the diamond is actually clipped by equipment into a round shape, close in proportions into the final diamond.

After that, the treasure cutter forms the stone by hand, reducing every individual aspect (of 288). It has become done gradually and thoroughly, because stone needs to be perfectly spherical and shaped. The danger is the fact that the material becomes oblong and not round. To be utilized into the Astronomia range, the Jacob-cut diamond needs to be totally circular and weighing exactly as very much like others three satellites (time screen, triple-axis tourbillon, magnesium planet).

During the procedure, if the jewel cutter sets somewhat a lot of force while adding the facets, a lot of diamond are going to be cut-away, together with ball find yourself smaller than the desired diameter. The reducing processes takes at least a couple weeks of devoted, painstaking jobs.

To really make the final one-carat, Jacob-cut diamond with 288 aspects, over fifty percent in the initial crude diamond are cut away.

The complexity of reducing the 288 factors yourself and making certain all things are symmetrical additionally the diamond is absolutely round, is the reason why the Jacob & Co. diamond used in the Astronomia range very special.

Casino Container

The massive Astronomia Casino package try hand-crafted from black-lacquered all-natural lumber with a Macassar dark colored veneer, covered with brilliant sheen. The material decoration on all five edges is actually varnished 18K 5N red-gold, in addition to hardware is 18K 5N Red Gold. Built in France, there is certainly a window for the top revealing the observe in most the magnificence. The framework keeping the Astronomia Casino is during lacquered timber, and detachable.


The globe consists of blue-lacquered magnesium with rose gold continents to make sure reliability in body weight, as all four satellites need certainly to weighing a similar. The world rotates on itself in half a minute, while traveling across the control in ten full minutes.


The Astronomia Casino’s situation measures 47 millimeters in diameter and 24 millimeters thick amongst the highest point of the specifically domed front sapphire amazingly and also the cheapest aim of the case. Crafted from 18K increased silver, the scenario includes four sapphire crystal house windows put in throughout the periphery, making it possible for unhindered watching for the magnificent double-axis tourbillon quality therefore the operation roulette controls.


The full time show sub-dial on the Astronomia Casino try powered through an infinitesimal differential system enabling it to always remain in the suitable, 12/6 situation since it rotates with the action’s four-armed system over the top of this Astronomia. The Roman numerals on skeletonized dial become hand-engraved and full of black colored lacquer, whilst hand-finished hands are available in weapon blue metallic.

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