John Mayer Girlfriends 2021: That Is John Mayer Matchmaking Now?

John Mayer Girlfriends 2021: That Is John Mayer Matchmaking Now?

John Mayer is well known first and foremost for his achievement in audio. Mayer possess piled upwards seven Grammys and 19 nominations within the last few 13 age. But Mayer is recognized for over hanging on the community to switch and Gravity. He could be additionally famous for his updates together with the girls.

They isnt a secret that Mayer has dated his fair share of Hollywood movie stars. Weve actually seen glimpses of what he might end up like in a relationship owing to Taylor Swift along with her song Dear John that is reported to-be about Mayer. Swift penned, Dear John, we find it all/now it was completely wrong dont you imagine nineteen is actually young/to getting played by your dark colored twisted games/when I cherished your so?

Yikes. John, should this be you, it appears as though you actually understand how to move at the heart strings. But there were a lot of women before Swift there happen most women since Swift. Who knows, perhaps Mayers some other relationships didnt end on these types of a rocky mention. Anyway, lets read the minds Mayer caught throughout the years.

Jennifer Adore Hewitt 2002

Mayer apparently outdated Hewitt from Summer 2002 August 2002. The relationship got considered rigorous. Though it had been a short-lived connection, it is reported that Mayor published you are a Wonderland about Hewitt. If its real, this two-month connection got him a Grammy in 2003 for Top men Pop oral Efficiency.

Rhona Mitra 2005

Perhaps Mayer stayed low-key about his internet dating lives between 2002-2005 or got a break altogether, but in 2005 he was verified becoming dating actress, performer, and product, Rhona Mitra. Mitra are known for her part as Holly Marie Beggins regarding television show Party of 5. But the sparks fizzled aside quickly. The partnership begun and finished in 2005.

Jessica Simpson 2006-2007

Mayer didnt free any precisely this commitment. In an interview with Playboy, the guy honestly compared Simpson to intimate napalm. Possibly it had been Mayers openness that generated their particular split in May 2007; the connection lasted around nine months.

Minka Kelly 2007-2008

The two loved a simple four-month fling before rapidly moving on with other interactions. However, their own enjoy story doesnt need these a messy closing. Both advertised to remain buddies the moment the commitment finished.

Jennifer Aniston 2008-2009

Aniston and Mayer searched adorable and happy on cover of magazines like OK! Weekly, cuddled right up along. Yet, comparable to Mayers other relations, it just was not intended to be. The connection lasted around 11 period. However, its reported that the commitment led Mayer to his solitary, trace times. Mayer penned, you’re alone/just as if you receive your self before/like i came across myself in pieces regarding the resorts flooring. Probably it had been Mayers heart that was broken now.

Taylor Swift 2009

Finally, it was Mayer who was simply considered sung over. Gossip regarding two begun to travel if they sang Half of My center collectively. Her partnership ended up being said to currently fast only enduring from September 2009 October 2009. But apparently it had been sufficient to encourage Swift to publish a tune about Mayer.

Katy Perry 2012-2014

They appeared like individuals was actually ultimately able to hold on to Mayer. However, the connection had been on-and-off over the years the two outdated. Perry and Mayer also worked on a track titled Who You really love during their partnership. The relationship has been decreased on and a lot more off since their end in 2014.

Since Perry, Mayer was spotted on schedules with female here and there, but there hasnt become almost just as much hype on any single connection since Perry.

We will just have to wait around for Mayer to drop a new single to gain more insight on his love life.


John Mayer was supposedly dating deep Kids of Beverly Hills real life show celebrity Dorothy Wang but has never disclosed argentina dating anything to individuals.

John Mayer is single, the rumor of him internet dating Halsey is rumor nothing a lot more; the 2 are now buddy.

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